About Us

Our Vision 

Inspiring Potential • Building Community • Enriching Lives

Our Mission is to provide services that foster inclusion, independence and recreation for individuals with disabilities and medical conditions. 

Easter Seals Alberta is a non-profit organization that has served Albertans since 1951. Albertans connect with us for direct services, programs, advocacy and public education. Whether the need is mobility or accessibility, we're here to bridge the gap in Alberta’s social safety net for people with disabilities.

Our dedication to the cause includes:

  • helping achieve full potential
  • helping with accessibility
  • helping with mobility
  • helping with future independence 
  • helping seniors achieve open access to communities they helped build

We also fund disability solutions through financial assistance, summer camp, research, advocacy, public and consumer education. With your help, we provide solutions and change lives. When all other sources of funding have failed, we're here to ensure life is positively accessible.

In addition, we provide fully accessible facilities including Easter Seals Camp Horizon ‘for the kids’ and Easter Seals McQueen Residence for adults.

Easter Seals Alberta is a provincial licensed member of Easter Seals Canada and protects the intellectual property of the Easter Seals mark and assists to coordinate national programs and fundraising opportunities for the provincial partners. Visit Easter Seals Canada for more information about the national organization.

Timbres de Timbres de Pâques de l'Alberta est une organisation à but non lucratif au service des Albertains depuis 1951. Notre mission est de fournir des services qui favorisent l'intégration, l'indépendance et des loisirs pour les personnes handicapées aux conditions médicales. Notre vision comprend potentiel d'inspirer, favoriser la communauté, et enrichir leur vie. Timbres de Pâques de l'Alberta finance également des solutions à l'invalidité par l'aide financière, camps d'été, recherche, sensibilisation et éducation du public consommateur. Pour plus d'information, s'il vous plaît visitez notre site Web www.easterseals.ab.ca.


Charitable Registration Number 10669 4169 RR0001

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Did You Know Part 1

In 1951 Canadian Mothers began marches such as one led by Canada’s first female Cabinet Minister, Ellen Fairclough, MP for Hamilton West. As a result of their efforts, the research of Dr. Jonas Salk was well funded, creating the historic made-in-Canada cure for polio. Today, Easter Seals Alberta funds vital programs and services for adults with disabilities and special needs.