Activities Offered

High Ropes Course* — (Ages 12 & up) Designed and built by one of the leading companies in adventure technology our course will allow you to facilitate leadership growth and enhanced self esteem. Individuals will be given the opportunity to learn about trust, perceived risks, problem solving, supporting others, and overcoming fears.

High Team Element* — (Ages 12 & up) Our high team element is called Dangle-a-maze. Four members of the group at a time use wood rails and each other to climb to heights of 30 feet while being supported by the rest of the team on the ground. It challenges the climbers to trust, and problem solve while pushing their comfort levels.

Giant Swing* — (Ages 8 & up) A challenge by choice element where each participant gets to set their own personal goal, supported by their team mates through the thrill of a 50 foot swing. The Giant Swing allows individuals to push their limits and strengthen their relationships by building trust and support. Due to renovations at Camp, the Giant Swing will be unavailable for bookings until further notice.

Low Ropes & Fixed Initiative Course — (Ages 8 & up) Our low ropes challenge course offers a chance for participants to stretch their mental muscle while using their physical strength as well. Only inches off the ground these challenges will force participants to work on communication skills, problem solving, trust and team work.

Climbing Tower* — (All ages) Enjoy the physical challenge of the climbing wall, as well as the sense of accomplishment for meeting goals and overcoming perceived risks.

Unfixed Initiatives — (All ages) Our facilitators will lead you through different activities to develop trust, communication, problem solving and teamwork. Available both indoors and outdoors, these initiatives are a vital component to our leadership packages but can also be used for icebreakers or to compliment other program activities.

Animal Game — (Ages 8 & up) Similar to the curriculum based predator and prey game. Students are divided into the four different classes of animals and try to survive the whole game to be the best of their class! This is an outdoor, active game played in our natural environment, providing a great way to learn about the food chain and our affect on it.

Orienteering — (Ages 8 & up) This is an opportunity to learn a new and valued skill. We have two levels of orienteering; the first level focuses on learning how to use maps and exploring with them. The second level focuses on learning how to read a compass and follow bearings. Both of these skills have real every day value that can be transferred to daily life.

Hiking/Snowshoeing — (All ages) Our beautiful location in Kananaskis Country allows for some wonderful hikes to breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. We can’t guarantee snow with the changing weather but our mapped out hiking trails can be accessed by foot or snow shoe year round.

Biking: New for 2013! (All ages) Come learn proper mountain biking technique, run through our obstacle course followed by a trail ride on our beautiful trails! 

Campfire — (All ages) What is an outdoor camp experience without a campfire? Talk to us about ordering s'mores for your evening snack - a must for any campfire experience!

Archery — (All ages) This is another opportunity to try and practice a new skill. Our instructors will not only show your group how to safely shoot an arrow but will also explain the history of archery.


*These activities are not offered November through January. As these activities don't require as much physical exertion, staying warm is a challenge which takes away from the overall experience.


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Did You Know Part 2

In Canada between 2001 and 2006 the number of persons who reported having a disability increased by three-quarters of a million people (+21.2%), reaching 4.4 million in 2006. At the same time, the non-disabled population experienced lesser growth, increasing by 3.3% to reach 26.2 million people.